Constant Loop of Update Message in Roon Software (ref#9VELBP)

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Messsage informing of an update, update selected , screen refreshes, same message re-appears in a constant loop. I tried restarting the Roon software but it continues. Music plays but this message keeps reoccurring ????

Describe your network setup

Cox cable modem, Roon Nucleus , network switch, dedicated ethernet line direct to Lina DAC

What does “settings/About” look like? Might check there to see if there are any pending updates triggering this?
The circled portion below might say “Relanch” or “restrat” or some other needed action?

Loop appears to have been corrected ? I have an additional concern stated below, I am curious to your response?

On a related topic, Roon Nucleus One. I currently have a Nucleus with a 1 TB m.2 SSD mounted internally.

I am expecting delivery of the Roon Nucleus One tomorrow. I doing some additional reading I found a couple of potentially disappointing things out I was not expecting since this is their latest hardware offering. I may be missing something but here is what I understand. The Nucleus one does not have tany of the latest chip sets, in fact its chip set is several generation back (Intel Celeron) ???processor.
In addition you can no longer install M.2 SSD like Samsung Evos . Rather it only houses a 2.5 SATA drive . The Samsung 870 QVO I purchased has read/write speeds of 560mb/s??? which is light years slower than the 970 EVO M.@ ssd which is more like 3500mb/s. If I understand this correctly than how could this be improved for the Audiophile community??? Also if that is the case and I am not missing some other architecture improvement than I probably won’t even open the box and just send it back and research Plan B??? Anyone out there have better info?