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Is it possible to get in contact with Roon support? Last week i asked twice (by e-mail and by website) if i could renew my 1 year and if Paypal is possible again?

Zero response until today…

Tagging @accounts

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I’m asking the same question of Customer Support too, but for a lifetime (and want to pay via PayPal).

I want to spend money with Roon, but can’t figure out how?

For anyone seeing this in the future with the same or similar questions it is best to post this type of thing in the Support section along with the accounts tag as already mentioned earlier by @Scotav

Yes, it’s ridiculous. Nice product but worst customer service. Stil no reaction. Not by mail or at this forum from @accounts

They can keep it i’m don with it.

Hey @Arnold_de_Witte,

I can see why you’d feel this way. Our team just returned to work after the Thanksgiving weekend. You should hear back shortly — thanks a whole lot for your patience :pray:

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Hey @Mark_Ward,

Apologies for the delay! You should have just received an email from us :pray:

beka- thanks for your assistance. I’ve processed the payment at my end.


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my credit card has been stolen and none of your customer service has reached out to me. Please contact me as a I need a refund .

Hey @Guillermo_Argueta,

We’re so sorry this happened — we got your email and got back to you. Let’s continue the conversation on the email thread.