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hi, we have a nucleus+ and want to get control of roon through control 4.
We have installed the roon drivers in control 4 compossor but we need the control 4 extension enabled through the roon app in extension’s.
Do anyone have any suggestions on how we can do this? seem to be going round in circles looking at the threads

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you can enable extensions in roon by opening Roon and visiting Settings → Extensions

Hi Danny, I can see the extensions tab but there’s not extensions in there currently, I need to add a control 4 extension but don’t know how to go about that :grimacing:

I don’t have personal experience with Control4, and our resident expert on this stuff is on holiday, but I do know we have an article on the subject:

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Hi @Joshua_Hadley ,

This is Noris from the support team here, I’ve returned from my holiday and I wanted to check in with you here, have you been able to resolve the issue?

It sounds like you installed the module in Composer, but perhaps didn’t configure the Core/Zone driver communication properly.

You would need to first point the Roon Core module to your Roon Core IP address like so:

Then navigate to Roon Settings → Extension from a Roon Remote and Enable/Activate the Control4 extension:

Control4 Enable

Then go back to Composer and specify the zones:

Then on the Touch Panel aspect, you have to configure the Navigator/Listen section, as per the Control4 Roon manual, Page 8/9:

At the end, you should be able to select your desired zone from the Touch Panel - Listen menu:

Hope this helps!

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