Control 4 Integration without nucleus?

I work for a Control4 dealer and love roon for my 2 channel setup.
I have a large Linux server that contains my music files and runs as my roon server.
I would love for my wife to be able to use roon when playing music but she only can make sense of our control4 system.
The driver sees my server and endpoints but it gives a firmware error.
Has anyone got integration to work without a nucleus?

This honestly seems like a huge miss to me, We have a handful of clients that would immediately want roon integrated if this started working.

As far as I understand, Roon has baked the integration into the Nucleus OS only. I’m not sure if you have searched the thread, but, below is a link that might be appropriate.


I did “Bother” to search. Not sure if you’ve noticed that the community doesn’t have the most robust search functions…Way to be rude right off the bat.

I really fail to see where @Rugby was being even the slightest bit rude…unlike your last reply!

He was merely asking if you had found that thread in your search and generously providing a link to it for you.

I hope it was of some use to you.


I tried to convince @danny to let non-Nucleus owners have access – either free or extra pay – to the Control4 extension, but Roon declined. I think it was their way of pushing people toward Nucleus by adding cachet and extra value to it.

At the time, Danny referred me to the extensions manual and invited me to write my own extension. Like, yeah.

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@Rugby’s post above has all the relevant information about the first time this was asked for.

Nothing has changed since then.


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