Control Arc with another Phone

Is there a way (or in next releases) to control Arc with another phone. It would be great to use it as a “Core” for my country house. I would not have to bring the core Pc every time I go to the Country House, just two phones (or iPad) with a portable Dac!
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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No you cannot control ARC with another device. ARC is not a Core, it needs to connect TO a core to work.

I’m not sure what you mean by “control ARC.” You can install the Roon ARC app on multiple phones and/or tablets. And you can use each of those devices to listen to music streaming from your Roon core. I have had my iPhone and 2 iPads all three playing different music simultaneously.

Hi @Jim_F and @Rugby ,
Thanks! I know that Arc is not Core. But now I can bring Arc (Phone) to my Country House and connect it to the multizone house setup (Usb Dac wired connection). But I would like to control it from the Patio so I could control it from another phone (Volume, Change playlists etc…) as the Arc Phone would be stationary on the House’s system!!

Antonio that’s a great future idea.

There is a lot of future development ahead for ARC and you wanting a remote for your remote seems utterly reasonable to me :+1:

It depends on how quickly Roon can develop out functionality for ARC. 1.0 and shortly after being around stability and then it’s all about customer feedback to look at things like improving Focus, Tags etc and what about hand off to and from a currently running Roon setup.

So much exciting development ahead and no time for Roon staff to sleep :grin:

As of now, each device running Roon ARC is an independent listening experience streaming from your core, Tidal and/or Qobuz. One has nothing to do with the other.

Thanks @Michael_Harris

Yes, there is a lot of features to implement, Dsp, Android Auto etc…

Thanks again


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Antonio I love to hear good options for the future versions of Arc, and I think your idea is great for lots of user’s :+1:

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This should be considered by roon dev team, besides the mentioned reason another important reason to have the remote control on Arc is for having a slave phone connected to USB DAC for MQA decoding. My DAC is Smsl su9 which only decode MQA via usb and the roon standard app does not perform bit perfect from android. This solution , I mean, using Arc with android could be used instead of having a PC or pi near by your sound system to stream Tidal Mqa through USB . I would appreciate a response from the roon team to this request