Control on computer hosting the core freezes but core is still running

I have the core installed on an ASUS Laptop running Windows7. This laptop is also used as a control point. All was running perfectly until about a month ago. The control software on the host computer freezes after a variable number of tracks are played. Sometimes as much as 20 tracks play before the software freezes, sometimes only 4 or five tracks.
The music does not stop playing, only the interface freezes.
On my Android phone and Android Tablet, everything continues without interruption.
What can cause the control software to freeze on the computer hosting the core?

It sounds like the control part is what is freezing, that suggests maybe a video issue.

  1. Have you loaded any other software around the same timeframe?
  2. You could try updating the video drivers
  3. If your laptop is old, you also might want to run some diagnostics on the video.