Control Which IP Address Roon Core Listens On For ARC Connections

Can we add some kind of control over what IP address Roon Core listens to for incoming ARC connections?

I have dual NICs in my core, the second one is for data transfer (library backup primarily) purposes and I find that the IP address that Roon Core is listening on fluctuates from time to time. I cannot gauge the consistency of this as it seems to have a mind of it’s own. Sometimes it is listening on the primary NIC, others it is listening on the data transfer NIC. Some way of controlling this (like the TCP port number used?) would be great.

You should be able to assign a static IP address for your Roon Core in the router it is connected to.

This way your Core will always have the same address.

I have static IP addresses on each network card. I have two network cards in my server and the Roon Core software doesn’t understand which one to select to listen for ARC connections on so it flip-flops between the two. This is not related to static or dynamic IP address assignment.