Control4 Composer Actions using Roon Driver


Have fully functioning Control4 + Nucleus integration via the Roon Core Driver and Zone Drivers.

Thank you for creating the drivers - finally able to have a single music library that I share between my Roon 2 channel room, and the Control4 whole house audio.

Question / Feature Request for the Roon Zone Driver:
There doesn’t appear to be a way to programmatically select a Playlist in Composer. In the Control4 environment, it is common, with other network audio, to be able to select playlists via the Roon Zone Action of “Device Specific Command”.

See pictures below for reference. I used Tidal and Pandora as examples.

Thank you

Hello @Ferris_Bueller,

Thank you for your post here. As you noted, there is no current way to programmatically select a playlist from Composer based on Control4 Macros.

We are considering making some improvements in this area of the App in the future, but unfortunately I can’t comment on a specific timeline of when we will visit this aspect of Roon.

I did however note your interest in this feature with the team.


Thank you for putting the feature into the suggestion box.

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