Control4 Driver kills transport keys

Have tested Roon driver on Control4 system. Works fine. But when I then go to a watch source all the transport keys and navigation keys are dead. It happens 100% of the time after using a Roon driver.

Who do I contact now? Roon washing their hands of these drivers is a bit ■■■■■ Open source says to me any monkey can break it adding a “feature” of their own!!

Hi @Liam_McLaughlin ,

I’m not aware of any similar reports to yours, can you please share some screenshots as to how the issue looks like on your end and your Composer setup? Did you follow the guide from our KB to get started?

This is a client project. All is setup correctly, and all operates correctly except for that one condition. If I use Roon driver then go on to using a Watch source. Everything looks correct and normal, but the control of the device is disabled and only a room off fixes it. Director is still able to communicate to devices directly from composer, but navigator just loses control. On the touchscreen, the app and the remote they all correctly say the new watch source e.g. Sky TV, and all the buttons are there they just don;t do anything

AS an update I deleted all the Roon drivers, updated the C4 OS, and put fresh downloads back into the system and got it working again.

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Hey @Liam_McLaughlin ,
Glad to hear that the fresh reinstall sorted the issue out! :+1: