Control4 “easier” on a Nucleus versus a Mac Mini M2?

Newbie question. I’m building a new house and having a Control4 installed. I’m thinking I would like to eventually have Roon work with it. I’m trying to decide if it makes any difference to set up Roon on a new Nucleus or a new Mac Mini M2. I guess it’s not an absolute necessity but might be easier for my wife.

Roon Rock is pretty much a closed operating system so I would say the M2 Mac mini would offer you far more flexibility and certainly a lot more processing power.

Thanks, I was under the impression Control4 was initially only available through the Roon Nucleus so maybe the drivers are already installed?

That’s cool that Roon is integrating with Control4…it’s too bad that it appears to be for Nucleus systems only…not any other systems including those running Rock on other platforms. I think this is particularly bad form for Roon do…

Control4 integration used to be a Nucleus only feature, but roon later released it as open source.

In doing this they also commented that they didn’t plan to do more development work on it.

I don’t have a control4 installation - so can’t comment on how to install or use it, but the lack of ongoing maintenance would worry me a little.

Definitely speak to an expert with experience installing and integrating it if you can.

I had a different whole house audio system installled in my house when it was build 20 years ago. I’ve done quite a bit of work with home assistant and roon endpoints to get it working in a more modern way!

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You might want to take a look at this.

It’s a roon core and multiple endpoints in a single box.

Thanks, I had not seen that they weren’t going to support it any longer. I’m still getting the Control4 for other reasons so maybe the Roon integration is not a big deal.

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Thanks, I’ll. check it out. I had not heard of them before.