Control4 extension disappears

This is a persistent issue on our Control4 system. Seemingly apropos of nothing, the C4 extension disappears from the Extensions list in Settings on the Roon App. On the C4 remote, the Roon zone reports “Zone is not available”. My C4 installer must then enter Composer to trigger the extension again.

Can you provide any explanation for this issue?

Thank you
Kevin Camel

Hi @Kevin_Camel ,

Is there any pattern to when this happens? Once a day/once a week? I wonder if it could be related t your router’s DHCP Lease Time. Is there any change in behavior if you try to set up a Reserved IP Address for both your Roon Core and Control4 processor?

There is no detectable pattern. Seems to happen when Roon updates, but I cannot verify.

The Roon Core has a static ip address. So does the Control4 processor.

@Kevin_Camel ,

Do let me know if you notice it happen again and the closest time + date that you notice the extension disappear. Is there any error outputted in Composer on the Lua tab?

Also, please note that development regarding this module has stopped and our module is now open source. You and your C4 programmer are welcome to take a look over the source code and submit code changes if any issues are discovered: