Control4 Integration

(David Toliver) #1

I am getting the error that my core needs to be updated but I am on the latest version running on my laptop and I have authorized the extension in the settings menu. I have a simple setup as I am just compiled my library from a network server and I am streaming it via Apple TV.

Is there a new version of the driver? I am running C4 2.9.1 and from what I have read it is compatible.

(Henry) #2

I thought Control4 was only useable with Nucleus hardware?

(David Toliver) #4

Would be good to know…It does not specify in the driver, but I have everything working…just can’t select device as a zone in composer

(Noris) #5

Hi @David_Toliver,

At this time, the Control4 driver is only compatible with Nucleus running as the Roon Core, you have what appears to be a Windows based Roon Core so this is the reason why you are seeing that error message.

Currently, we do not have plans to add other operating systems to the integrations, it is solely limited to Nucleus but this may change down the road (note: ROCK is also not compatible).

You can read the following thread for more information on why we limit Home Automation Modules to just the Nucleus for now:


(David Toliver) #6

Software is great but for $500 for a lifetime subscription and then limiting the driver to integrate ONLY with your hardware in a control system is rather short sighted especially since you have such a large Hi-fi Partner network.

(Noris) #7

Hi @David_Toliver,

Thank you for the feedback here. I can’t comment on when (or if) we will be expanding functionality in this area but I will bring up your request with the product team.


(Vincent Kennedy) #8

It seems to me that if we are running a 100% specified by Roon ROCK platform, there’s no reason to not sell us the C4 integration. I can understand the support nightmare for non-compliant Core’s. Just like any of the big S/W vendors, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Oracle, etc…, if you are out of compliance you don’t get support until you upgrade your deployment to compliance.

Would I pay $250 for an awesome C4 integration? Yes. As long as it doesn’t mimic the horrible Tidal C4 app.

Frankly, I would rather have a ROKU interface, but since the C4 already exists, I would use it.

It’s not a high bar to release this to compliant ROCK users. Who doesn’t want another source of revenue?


Help understanding implementation in my home