Control4 interface demo video?

I’m interested in buying a Nucleus+ to integrate with my Control4 system. I see that there is a driver, but I could not find any detail on how this driver functions on the Control4 touch panels or other apps.

How this functions is important to me and not being able to see it run is preventing me from purchasing.

Does anyone know where I can see a demo of Roon integrated with Control4 using the Roon provided drivers?

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Hey @pounce – you can see some screenshots and read some more information in our Control4 manual, linked here.

If you have any more questions, just let us know. Thanks!

Mike, thanks, but I don’t see any screen shots of the UI in use. I see screen shots of installing the drivers in composer.

Looking to understand what the experience is not on the Control4 touch screens. The cost of trying something like this out is not trivial. Looking for just a wee bit more to show me how its works before dropping several grand on gear and C4 dealer hourly rates.

Sorry about that @pounce – there were supposed to be screenshots in that manual :slight_smile:

I just updated the KB page linked above. Check it out and let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

Thanks. Does a person get anything enhanced on a now playing screen?

This doesn’t look any different to my eyes than basic support for titles album art.

How do we see Tidal content vs local content etc?


Can we differentiate content in the C4 integration UI on the C4 touch screens?

Hey @pounce – sorry for the slow response here, I missed your reply.

I don’t believe we currently show you album quality and source (meaning local vs TIDAL) in the Control4 interface right now. Our Control4 interface has only been available for a few months, so this might be something we can add in the future.

If there’s a Control4 dealer you’re working with, let us know who (feel free to PM me) and we can see whether it’s possible for you to see the interface yourself.