Control4 Navigator - Alphabet filter

A client of ours had an option on a much older Sooloos system
The ability to set a alphabet filter to apply. (A-C, D-F, etc)
Currently when browsing by artist you have to scroll through the whole list just to browse. This is inconvient as their music library is huge.
Please consider adding this feature to the Control4 driver.

I like your filter idea. Until then, within the Roon client, goto artists or composers whichever. if you grab and hold the slide bar on the right then drag it up/down it will have a popup to show what letter you are on. Not ideal but better than nothing.

or, it is useless advice and someone can hopefully better help.

@MamaTried just to confirm you are refering to the Roon interface and not the Control4 navigator interface?

You are correct, which is why it may not help with your control4 issue at all.

Hi @Blair_Shore ,

Thank you for the feedback here! We have open-sourced our Control4 module, so if this feature is of interest to you and your dealership has Control4/Lua programming experience, you can edit the source code to provide the functionality that you would like. I have linked it below:

Hope this helps!