Control4 OS3, Roon shortcut on home page no longer working properly

Hi all,

it has come to my attention in the newest firmware of Roon integrated into Control4 does not entirely work properly.

If Roon has a shortcut on the homepage of Control4 it does not activate the listening. However, if it is accessed through the ‘listen’ function it works without an issue. For the time being, we are no longer adding a home page shortcut on our clients Control4 systems.

It’s a very minor bug, but it would be great if we could have one-button Roon working again as it had worked on a previous version of Control4 and Roon. If this is rectified I’d be pleased to pass it on to our engineers so we can return to our preferred means of integration.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Rob_BrownGHF,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you please provide some more details regarding the setup so that I can understand the issue better?

  1. What Control4 processor are you using?

  2. What Control4 touchpanels do the issue occur on?

  3. Does the issue also occur on the iOS Control4 app?

  4. How are the shortcuts configured? Did you configure through the Composer app?

  5. Can you please share a screenshot of what the Roon module looks like on the panel homepage and a screenshot of your Composer settings regarding the shortcut?

Will face this situation on Saturday during an install. Any resolution?

@69VanNuys It still works in Control4 when you activate the zone through the ‘listen’ command. For the time being we are just not putting it on the homepage, and will revisit cases that are affected.

@noris I’m waiting to hear back from the engineer the exact specification that caused this error.

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