Control4 touch panels and Roon nucleus

We have a Control4 EA5 (OS 3.3.1) and Roon Nucleus (OS 1: build 254 - Ver 2: 1182) system in a project, along with 3 C4 touch panels (2 in-wall and 1 wireless). The problem we have is waking the “Rooms” up when the LISTEN button is pressed on the C4 touch panels. We can press LISTEN, choose a source through Roon and hear it playing, but because the Room hasn’t woken up there is no volume control or transport function and we can’t turn the room off. If, whilst it’s in this state, we use the C4 app on an iPhone/iPad and press the LISTEN button, the room wakes up on the C4 touch panels and can be controlled. If the room is in an OFF state, we can use the C4 app on our iPhone/iPad and it behaves as expected, as well as showing correctly on the C4 touch panels.

Maybe find a way to keep the nucleus from sleeping? If that’s an option.

I’m afraid it’s not the Nucleus that sleeps, it’s the state of the rooms within the C4 setup.

Hi @William_Hammond-CLay ,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please clarify the following?

Are you pressing the listen action on the C4 touchpanels and it is not working?

What is the difference in Composer programming for the C4 app vs the touchpanel apps? Do you have the Roon Zones assigned to a room or is there only one single source?

Please note that we have made our Contorl4 module open-source, so if you or your Control4 programmer wishes to look at the source code, it is freely available here:

Hi Norris

Thank you for getting back to me.

Using the touch panels, and mobile devices, we press listen and then choose a radio station/stream/etc accordingly. If we’re using a mobile device, the system recognises that a room has come to life, the volume can be controlled, and the room can be turned off. If we use a Control4 touch panel, the room doesn’t recognise that it’s been turned on, hence no volume control and no way to turn the room off (as it already thinks it’s off).

There’s no difference in the Composer programming and all rooms have their own Roon zones.



We have a whole house Control4 System (EA5 and EA3), and our original installer (Atlanta Home Theater) didn’t recommend using it for music. We now have a independent Sonos system that is managed separately.

The steaming devices that Roon is looking at are Linn Digital Streamers.

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