Control4 Zones Setup

Hello! I have the same thing - no room zones, only players:

Our system is EA5 controller, C4-8AMP1-B Multiroom amp.

Nucleus looks fine:

Please kindly advise what I should check here.

Thank you!

Hello @Paul_Livani ,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the screenshots! I am not sure I understand what the issue is here, as those screenshots look as expected, can you please clarify? Have you seen our Control4 Knowledge Base article + User Manual?

If the zones are missing from the touchpanel, you’ll need to add them to your Listen menu to appear, let me know if this helps!

Thank you! I have the manual.

I do not see such zones as ‘Living room’ on the picture of the pdf manual, but only roon-ready players (oppo, Yamaha)

Hello @Paul_Livani ,

In the case of the screenshot, the Zone itself was renamed in Roon to “Living Room”, but refers to a Roon Zone Device.

Yes, this is expected behavior, and you can rename the zones in the Roon app as you wish and after they should update in the Control4 interface.

Hope this helps!