Control4 zoning with Sonos and Nucleus+

I recently installed a Nucleus+ and configured it to work with my Control4 system. I have 10 Sonos devices that are visible to Roon. I am able to play music through the Control4 Roon driver when it is for one Sonos device at a time. However, when I attempt to add a room to the currently playing zone through the Control4 “zones” interface (the icon at the bottom right of the C4 touch screen interface), playback stops and crashes in all grouped Sonos zones. I cannot restart playback without turning off each grouped zone and then playing a single zone again. Grouping works fine through the Roon app, but I can never get it to work through Control4. Details of my setup are below.

There are 11 audio devices in the house. One is a Pro-Ject DAC connected via USB to the Nucleus+. The other 10 are all Sonos units. The zone grouping connections seem to be correct – all the Sonos devices are grouped together, and the DAC is grouped separately. Screenshots are attached of these two configuration pages.

I have one copy of the Sonos endorsed driver installed in Control4 for each of the Sonos units, and one copy of the Roon zone driver installed for each of the Sonos units as well. The Sonos drivers are connected to Audio endpoint 1 in each room, while the Roon zone drivers are connected to Audio endpoint 2. Screenshots are attached of the Roon zone connections and the Sonos zone connections, in case that helps.

Thanks for your advice.

Hello @Darius_Lakdawalla,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your questions, I’d be happy to assist here. I believe the issue here is that you have just one “Roon Sonos” zone feeding into all of the Network Audio, for example I have my setup as follows and grouping works as expected:

I would try to set it up in a similar way that I have there, first by leaving out the Pro-Ject DAC just to ensure compatibility and then see if adding another zone with the “Add Room” button updates it accordingly in Roon:

We are currently investigating some zone grouping issues with Meridian devices but I can also add your report to the investigation if my above instructions do not help. Not sure if you had a chance to read our Control4 manual yet, but it provides some additional information regarding grouping which may be of use.

Are you by any chance a dealer or can you provide us with your dealer contact if you are not? We may want to follow up directly with them if initial troubleshooting does not resolve this issue, although hopefully we can get to the bottom of what you have set up differently here. Please let me know if my above advice helps.


Hi Noris,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry about the confusion. Actually, there are 10 different zone drivers all called Roon Sonos — they are differentiated according to the room location in C4 Composer. I did try renaming them, but that did not help.

I am not a dealer, although I am happy to provide you with contact info if needed. I am also happy to relay your instructions if that is more efficient.



Just checking in on this issue again. Let me know if there is anything else I should try, or if you would like contact information for my dealer.


Hey Darius – sorry the response got delayed here by the holidays.

Would you mind PM’ing me the details? I’ll make sure we follow up once everyone is back after New Years.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!