Controlling a device with another device's remote control

Hello everyone,

I recently acquired an old Cambridge Audio CD36 for very cheap which I am using as a CD transport into the DAC in my Cambridge CXNV2.

The CD36 used to have a remote control but was lost. The CXNV2 has a very nice remote with buttons for other members of the CX family too (CD player and amp).

I recently noticed that the volume buttons on the CXNV2’s remote control also affects the volume on my amp (Rega Brio) so I guess they are sharing some kind of protocol (?!).

My question is, can I do something that will allow me to control the CD36 with the CXNV2’s remote?

Thanks in advance!

More likely, the CXN is applying volume control at the analogue output. In other words, your CXN is working as a digital preamplifier.

Thanks for you reply Martin. It’s definitely not that because the CXN is set to fixed output level and, more importantly, I can see the volume wheel turn on the Rega amp. In fact the remote will even control the volume on the amp when the CXN is turned off!

I guess the real test is to turn the CXN off and confirm that the remote controls the Rega.

It does indeed

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I can’t help you with using the CXN remote for controlling the CD36, but this may interest you.

And, welcome to the community, @Robin_Warren-Adamson!

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Thanks Martin

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