Controlling default display on my iPad endpoint

I have been using Roon with much pleasure for a number of months. I have just set up a dedicated ipad as a Roon endpoint running through a Dragonfly Cobalt which looks very cool. My only slight struggle is when i control it from across the room I want it always as a default to display album art. But it keeps showing the lyrics, which are not very useful on the other side of the room. Is there a way to get the ipad to show the album art as a default?

First post - so sorry if its covered somewhere else.

Click the three dots to the right in the “now playing screen” and then “configure now playing screen”

then double-click the hamburger stack to the right of “album art” and drag it to the top

that should fix you up…if this can be done on your IPAD just like in Windows here with me…

Perfect - thanks for your help.

You’re welcome!