Controlling KEF LSX speakers via the Roon app (iOS)

I’m about to plug the trigger on buying a pair of LSX for my (home) Office. A quick couple of questions re: interaction, as I hear that the KEF app is less than brilliant …

  1. If the speakers are asleep (ie first thing in the morning), do I need to wake them up via the KEF Control app, or can I do that via the Roon iOS app?

  2. Once set up, and tone, DSP & balance etc etc is how I want them, do I need to use the KEF iOS app at all, or will the Roon app be all I need? Hopefully the latter.

99% of my listening will be Tidal through Roon, and internet radio through Roon. The ability to pause any music will be key, ie when the phone rings etc.


Hey Julian,
I have the LSX in my homeoffice and all you need after initial setup is roon remote app. No KEF app needed.

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Brilliant - many thanks @Christall - just what I wanted to hear :ok_hand:

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@Christall - a quick follow up; do you use either the desk mounts or the wall mounts? It is likely that I would position them either towards the back of my desk, or perhaps on the wall immediately behind. TIA, Julian

I leave my LSX kefs on standby enabling them to turn on with my android or iphone roon remote app as long as my roon core on my laptop is running. Rarely do I use the Kef app although if you’re only streaming tidal the kef app can play tidal without using roon but since I also use qobuz along with tidal I use roon 99.9% of the time. I dont have the LSX speakers on a desk. I have them on my mantel in the family room open to the kitchen and listen to them mostly as back round music and sometimes use for tv audio. I enjoy the simplicity of the minimalist set up. I also have the LS50w kefs in another dedicated listening area. Enjoy…

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Neither, I have the speakers on stands. Looks like this: Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

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Very nice. Here is a work-in-progress snap on my refreshed Bat Cave, and will either sit them on the wooden surfaces, or perhaps on the walls just above. For me, stands won’t work. The layout isn’t brilliant for speakers, but I’ll just have to live with it…

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Wow, that’s a nice place. I like it, especially the portrait of Pablo. I would choose the desk mounts, as you can fiddle about best positioning more easily.

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No doubt it is me, but for the life of me I can’t get my new LSX to work reliably with anything I throw at it, whether via TIDAL, the KEF Stream iOS app, macOS Roon, iOS Roon, Airplay, bluetooth or whatever. At best I get a couple of seconds of music, followed by many minutes of silence.

I have a 30 day return period, and am wondering whether I should cut my losses and swap them for a pair of KEF LS50. That way I would be splitting out the “middle man” of inbuilt DAC, streamer & amplifiers for a more simple / robust and arguably longer lasting vanilla speakers.

As 95% of my listening is via Roon - whether that be TIDAL streaming, ripped CDs on a Synology NAS, or internet radio, what might be the “best” SIMPLE streamer-amplifier-DAC. I already have an unused HiFiBerry AMP2 HAT for a Raspberry Pi, but that doesn’t have a streamer built in. What else might I use?


Sounds like a network issue to me. How do you connect the speakers to your network: wired or wireless?

If you are looking for simple boxes, I would go with a Raspberry Pi and an audio hat. In my main system I use an Allo Digione Signature streamer. It works flawlessly and sound quality is very good.

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Hmmm, it is amazing what an ethernet cable can do. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I had been using an ethernet cable between the two, but between the master & network was via wifi. Now I have connected via ethernet and All is Good :grinning:


Good to hear. Enjoy!