Controlling Roon with hand gestures

I came upon this little sensor - Grove - Gesture Sensor (PAJ7620U2) | The Pi Hut - and thought it would possibly make a cool way of controlling Roon

It does!

In combination with this extension - Roon Extension: macro.on

Basically, install the sensor on a Raspberry Pi, install the required libraries, set up the above extension, and you can control Roon by moving your hand over the sensor. There are a total of 9 possible gestures, so you could do p preprogrammed things using the macros provided by the extension above.

I use mine to play, stop, raise and lower the volume and play 2 radio stations.

I’ve got the raspberry pi in a kitchen cabinet with the sensor just poking out of a hole on the side.

Here are some links that may be useful to set it up -

Manufacturer’s page

This is different project using the sensor - the installation section and the library files will be useful -

Youtube video on the use of the sensor

Finally, here’s my python script that actually links it with the macro.on extension above

Happpy to help with specifics


Great idea! :sunglasses: