Controlling the order of search results

I have a box set of Bach cantatas, 56 albums in total. The folder structure looks like this:

Bach Cantatas - Gardiner
– Bach Cantatas - Vol 1
– Bach Cantatas - Vol 2
– Bach Cantatas - Vol 3

Each album in the series is tagged as Disc x of 56.

A search on “Bach cantatas Gardiner” returns all 56 albums - exactly what I want - but the order appears to be random (Vol 2, Vol 16, Vol 7 etc). Is there anything I can do to have the search results listed sequentially (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3 etc)? I realise I could set up the collection as a multi-part set with links to Disc 1 - Disc 2 - Disc 3 etc, but I really like seeing all the tiles.

Thanks for any pointers.

I group box sets under a tag so that I get the album tiles. But it’s the same problem. The display of tag contents is random.

Thanks for that. I’m only just getting into tags - still not sure how to use them effectively.