Convert AcourateDSP to Roon Convolution


I do room corection with a miniDsp OpenDRC.
the software I use is Acourate DRC ( not the Acourate)

is there a way to convert those data to feed Roon with?

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Hi @Rene_Huot,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out! Let me check with our team to see if I can find more information for you, in the meantime please look over our Knowledge Base article on Convolution as this may help:

Hi @Rene_Huot,

Thanks for your patience while I checked with the team on your question. We are not aware what kind of Convolution file format Accourate generates, but if you can generate a filter format that we support using Accourate, then yes, it should work.

The AcourateDRC generate XML files

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I think this is a question you should ask directly to Uli Brüggemann of Acourate. I am not familiar with AcourateDRC, but there is a Acourate forum. It seems that the XML contains biquad commands for direct programming of the DSP chip. The Roon convolver can use wav files which the ‘full’ version of Acourate (and Audiolense) can produce.

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I answered the questions to Uli from Accourate
his answer was to buy Acourate software (not the DRC version)

450$ is a lot of money to run the software 1 or 2 times

I assume that’s Canadian dollars. Yes, it’s not cheap, but don’t think of it as running it one or two times; think of it as receiving the benefits each time you play a zone with Acourate filters engaged. I also think of it like an audio component or accessory. I paid twice as much for my power conditioner for a difference in sound that’s at least 30x less significant. :slight_smile:

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Yep the “state of the art” digital room EQ solutions like Audiolense, Acourate, Dirac Live and Home Audio Fidelity are bargains when you think about some of the other toys we fiddle/fiddled with in this hobby (and what those others toys do or don’t do).

Big fan of Audiolense myself.

Easier to use than Acourate (for me).

Dirac Live will be really cool next year when some of their new features roll out for PC and macOS users, like multichannel Bass Control and DSP crossover support. Should be much much easier to use than Audiolense and Acourate.

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So the DRC version can not export wav files? Then there is only one option if you do not want to buy Acourate. You’ll have to run an impulse through your miniDSP device with RC enabled and record the (digital) output to a wav file. This will be the convolution filter to use in Roon. This is rather advanced so if you don’t understand immediately why and how, I’d suggest you don’t try it!
There is a thread here
that details a way to do this, but it might be easier to just buy the software. OpenDRC uses only 6144 taps in the filter. 65536 or 131072 taps is easy to use in Acourate for more precise correction

Thanks for all the reply

I will probably buy the software…I already have great Power conditioner ! lolll


You might want to consider Home Audio Fidelity. It is a French company that will create the filters for you. Basically you take the measurements and Thierry works his magic. I have not used them but this thread discusses it alot.

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