Convert imported MP3 playlists to FLAC

All my imported playlists (from Apple) play in Roon with MP3 quality. Terrible SQ!
I have Tidal and Qobuz.
How can I listen to these old playlists — but in FLAC (or better) quality?

Can’t Roon bulk convert imported MP3 playlists to FLAC??

Within Roon, it’s an enormous process to search/select/add Each Track in FLAC!
I have Soundiiz but not sure playlists exported from Roon and re-imported into Roon (using Soundiiz) will play in FLAC!

There is a program called soundiiz IIRC that will export your playlists/ from spotify/apple to quobuz/tidal. I’m not sure how you handle your playlists. but it is a pretty flexible application.

It worked well for me.

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You can export your Roon playlist, using the Roon export function, to CSV files and import into Soundiz. From Soundiz, send them to Qobuz and/or Tidal. They will soon show up in Roon as Qobuz and/or Tidal playlists.

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