Convert the Last 30 Songs I've Played into a Playlist

Perhaps this feature already exists but I haven’t figured out how to make it happen.

Rather than listening to an entire album, sometimes I choose songs one at a time and before I know it, a few hours have passed. Is there a way to capture those last 30 or 40 songs from a listening session and convert them into a playlist?

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History then select the tracks. Three dot menu, add to playlist.

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This is a very simple one.

Go to your queue

Scroll up to the track where you want to start your playlist

Right-click to select that track

Click ‘Select from here’

Click the 3dots - Add to a playlist

Click ‘Create a Playlist’

Give it the name you want, click Save, wait a couple of seconds. And there you are



That’s what’s going to play he wanted what he had played…

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Not if he scrolls up. The queue will show what has been played. Creating a Playlist from there will reflect the actual order of how songs have been played while the separate History view would show them in a reversed manner (last song first) and sometimes takes LONG to load (just checked here, 35000 items :innocent:)


Thanks so much Guys, I think I have all the info I need now to be able to make this type of playlist. :+1:

Dirk, thank you Man!

Your detailed set of instructions are just what I needed; it worked like a charm! Thank you again for taking the time to create this post.