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For the last two years I have been running Roon server on a Ubuntu virtual machine on one of my dual Xeon servers. I have the advantage to work as a software engineer for one o the main software companies and have a fairly significant data center setup as a home lab. When Rock was released I started by setting it up to run as a VM. That was actually quite difficult to do properly but I finally made it work :slight_smile: Running ROCK as a VM had one advantage and that is that I could verify that it is very light on the resources unless you go heavy into DSP. After a server crash I did get a NUC Gen7 i7, that I use right now to run ROCK. Personally I don’t hear a difference between running Roon as VM or on a NUC, but then I use separate endpoints so the Roon server is not directly connected to my music systems.

I know the i7 is an absolute overkill for ROCK for my needs so I will install a hypervisor on the NUC and run ROCK as a VM on it. That way I can use the spare resources for other things. A question for the Roon team: Have you ever considered releasing ROCK as a software appliance? It works great and it gets you out from having to worry about HW compatibility :wink:

Finally, a product enhancement request: It would be nice to get a TOP output on the web interface to see resource utilization.


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@garym Nucleus is a hardware appliance. I am proposing a software appliance, i,e,virtual machine with locked configuration.

Oops. Got it.

I would love it as a VM session too. I just put together a NUCi7 with rock, but I have Workstation running in the house with 3 VM sessions, having it as a VM would be great.

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