Converting from INT->FLOAT->INT on Pioneer 50a

Good Morning,

Roon uses AirPlay to play with my Pioneer n50a.
But i don’t understand while the software is converting from int->float->int, because it needs a lot of performance and the player can support the format directly.
Can I switch off the converting manual, so that the connection and playing is loseless.

thx … boris

Airplay is the limiting factor here, as it does not support anything over 44.1kHz. Since you’re sending a 48kHz file, Roon needs to downsample to be able to play to your Airplay device.

It converts to 64bit prior to that to make the maths more precise.

Thx, for the informations.
Is there any other opportunity to use the old Pioneer with a better playback sound. i.E. when I use a Raspberry PI with RoPiee (as Roon Endpoint) + Pioneer as an USB DAC?
Normaly the pioneer could work as a USB-DAC with DSD?

best Boris

It seems to have a standard usb port and on the web people seem to have it working connected to Linux based Nas so should work with a pi.


I’will test it in the next days and give feedback.

when I have a free raspberry.