Converting from Rock to Roon Server?

I have a JOCK (an over-specced MOCK) with memory to burn. I would like to dabble with some Roon extensions, and converting it to a Linux box running the Roon Core Server seems to be a cost-effective way to add extensions to my system (setup in Profile).

If you have made this move, please share your journey.

Use Ubuntu, other OS? Pitfalls?

Or do nothing, and wait for Roon to allow extensions on ROCKS? (don’t think that’ll happen)?

Or some other solution (say, buy a Pi to run extensions)?

If you want to tinker, a standard linux install is the right way to go for now.

We have a possible new solution for extensions on Roon OS, but we’re still far from having that work. It’d drive us harder to solve this if there were more extensions.


What would really help with writing extensions is more API documentation. I am currently working on one of the existing extensions and the only info I have is from other already existing extensions.

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If you want to switch servers to Linux I’d highly recommend Arch Linux because it’s lightweight and very snappy, with next to nothing unnecessary installed by default - you add the stuff you want. Ubuntu is a performance dog.

Having said all this, if you’re not familiar with Linux, setting up a headless PC with network shares and mounting local drives etc. is not something a *nix newbie would likely consider simple as it’s all terminal based and it’s going to feel very foreign. There are good guides on the net though, and happy to answer questions if you decide to go that route. There’s an Arch installation guide on this forum also:

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