Convolution filters

Where might I find convolution filters for the Mac platform to try in the DSP section of ROOM 1.3.

I might be off base, but I thought you had to build your own filters using a program ( not Roon) that measures your specific listening space. Someone else’s filter might actually be destructive.

These filters are created by measuring the response of a specific room (your room). As such, ‘general’ filters would be of little use as they have no bearing on your environment.

You can measure the response of your room with a microphone and software like REW (free) or Acourate (paid). Lots of info here:

Would be great to see a ‘DSP and Convolution’ sub heading, and maybe an ‘upsampling’ one too.

Lots of topics appearing and I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Would be a shame for all the good info to get lost in the general sea of info.

Agreed. Let’s ask @mike what he thinks about a few extra subforums for the new items in 1.3’s goodie bag…