Convolution in RoPieee?

Thank you for this great product. I wonder if there are any plans to implement a convolver so that audio that comes in regardless of the source would be processed before sending it to the output.

You mean like moode audio’s added? (CamillaDSP Digital Signal Processing engine and CamillaGUI Pipeline editor).

Thanks. Do you know if moode allows to load convolution filters? If so, then it might be a solution.

No idea sorry. I use HQPlayer to convolve any streaming service and any TOSlink source (for DSP crossover and DSP room EQ).

Thanks again. I guess I’ll investigate some more on this topic. Maybe it’d work on a Linux based server with something like Jconvolver…

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Yes it does.

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Installed moOde during the weekend and it does what I hoped for. Now I am able to play AirPlay to the dac8stereo and have convolution applied. I defaulted everything to 44.1 kHz, which is good enough for me given the current “hiccups” in Apple’s lossless offerings. The convolution happens on the Raspberry Pi in the dac8, so I’d also rather not want to push temps.
Since moOde also works as a Roon Bridge, Roon’s own DSP is applied on my local library (AIF, DSF) residing on the more beefy windows server.

It would further simplify the setup if Roon could act as an Airplay receiver, but as I listen via Airplay/Roon almost exclusively, is a pretty good solution already.