Convolution REW sample rate/ bit depth question

I’ve followed the guide by Magnus on setting up room correction. I have my filter files ready to be saved. My questions is: when saving the convolution files, I’ve read we need to create a zip of all sample rates, He uses 32bit 96K in the example. Does bit depth also matter? Most of my CDs are ripped at 44.1k 16bit, but I have various hi-res bit rates and depths. And have Cobuz, which has several variations of sample and bit rate. I also have a 100 or so DSD albums. I’ve read some about the DSD issues. But for now, just want to get started with the PCM waves and Qobuz flacs.

Bottom line, is both the sample rate and bit depth required, or just make them all 32 bit, with all the different sample rates I have?


Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 7 roon 1.7

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Ethernet connected to a Mini Intel PC Win 10 as Roon endpoint

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Endpoint PC feeds Amanero via USB to a Buffalo III DAC

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See above… No Problems with my system…

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I recently started to explore the room correction using REW. I must say that once I got all the steps down that the sound improvements are significant.

In my case I saved all at 32bit at all the sample rates offered by REW and then put them in a zip file. Then loaded the file in the DSP> convolution. According to the Roon KB, Roon will select the appropriate sample rate and apply it to the track.

Word of caution it does take up considerable CPU cycles on the server side. I went from 15-20x file processing speed to ~2x for FLAC etc. I am unable to use convolution with DSD128. I am upgrading my Roon core this weekend to meet this demand, for my taste I feel that the room correction makes a significant difference.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve never seen flac playback ever show processing speed, what specs are you core machine?

Thank You!

Ryzen 5 1600 6 core 3.5 Ghz 16GB ram

The question was actually directed at @Irfan_Hafiz but the Ryzen should work just fine I think

Mines at 80x using full convolution and volume levelling for 44.1 and goes down further the higher the sample rate.

I’ve added a tutorial here which might help:

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