Copy music from USB drive to Internal Storage

My music is in a 4TB USB drive that I have connected via USB to Nucleus.
I decided to install an internal SSD 4TB that I got on a very good price (yes, Black Friday goodie).
Installed and formatted, all good and Roon reports the drive is OK and shows both drives connected in Storage.
Problem is that I cannot seem to copy from USB Drive to the Internal one? Alway her an error code -36
Works if I copy from the UDB drive to a remote Mac and then from the Mac to Internal Storage (via Ethernet) but that is VERY VERY slow… It will take something like a week or so to copy all music in.
Surely there is a faster way to do this…

Your best bet might be to put the internal ssd in an external case and use it there after copying all the files using both drives on your computer…format for your computer first as the NUC uses a Linux format. Failing that put the external drive with the music on your pc/Mac and copy to the NUC internal ssd storage. Sadly these are the only options you have.

I vote for Move the external drive to a pc and then copy it across the network. The hassle of internal drives of ROCK and Nucleus machines is one reason I stick to external drives.

I’m not sure that works; but, I really haven’t tested it. Have you tested moving a formatted drive from a ROCK to a USB enclosure and see if a Windows or Mac recognizes it? I am not sure what format the ROCK/NUCLEUS actually formats the storage drive.

Managed to make it work quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Connect Mac to the same switch as Nucleus temporarily;
  • Connect USB drive to Mac;
  • Copy from USB to internal Nucleus drive.

Managing slightly above 1GB /min rate so all good!

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