Copy/paste in the Roon client - why not?

I like the Roon software very much, but I hate that detail just as much that it nowhere in the application - on the laptop or the mobile phone - is possible to copy any text, image or link, or whatever.

Why this restriction?

There are plenty of situations where I want to search the Internet or a catalogue from a music seller, or whatever, and each time I must carefully check the spelling and type things myself.

I don’t think I know of any other app that to this extent limits or prevents copy/pasting.

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But you can easily do it from any of the websites the data lives on, so I doubt it’s this reason. Likely because Roons display screens more or less a rendered image and not individual elements such as text and png or jpg images more a kin to games engines. Thus you can’t cut or paste them as nothing to copy. More like a design decision more than anything else.

Maybe but it wouldn’t be unheard of that a service allows things for itself but not third parties. I did say „common guess“ and „I don’t know if this is really the case“.

Anyway, the point is less the why and more about 1) not a new question and there is already a feature suggestion and 2) how to work around it with an OCR screenshotter.

(If Roon really wanted / is allowed to (whatever it may be) it would be possible to display an image that was generated from text but nevertheless place the text on the clipboard when the user copies from the image)

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Mostly the text you see comes from either Wikipedia or AllMusic , both of which are in “free text” and can be copied. Indeed on the Wikipedia ones link to the original article is included at the bottom


If you go to settings , general editorial sources , you can choose.

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Sorry for asking about something that had already been discussed - I didn’t find such a discussion, so I thought it was just me…

No worries, nobody knows everything and I am not the forum police. Although as a rule of thumb, most annoyances already annoyed someone else in the past :wink:

It’s just that it’s probably best if such requests aren’t spread thin across a hundred threads, and in particular if there aren’t ten feature requests for the same thing because it dilutes the votes and makes it even less likely for Roon to attach the proper importance to each one.

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