Copy playlists to new machine

Purchased a new machine to act as my Roon server/core. My old machine was getting a little long on the performance tooth! Details below. I wanted to make a fresh start so copied the music files and artwork into identical folders on the new machine and rebuilt the database from there.

My challenge: One thing I did not consider. I have lost all my playlists!

Is it possible to copy the playlists from the old Roon setup? For example, do the playlists exist in a folder that I can copy? I do have Roon backups on the old machine but not sure how to get them across to the new machine. Help!

Roon 1.7 on Windows 10 Pro
PowerSpec B731 PC (from Micro Center)
Intel i7-9700 processor/16G RAM
512GB SSD main drive
10TB Seagate added hard drive for music files.

You need to restore your backup as the playlists are in the library backup.
You need to be able to see the place where you did the old backup from the new server.

I was afraid of that. Is it possible to ONLY restore the playlists?

Not directly. But this might work…
Do you still have the option of running your old setup? If so, then from there you can export the playlists as a .m3u list, see here for example. Then, in the new system, import them.

Please be careful and keep new and old databases apart. Do a backup beforehand.

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Thanks for your help. I still have the machine, but I have moved “authorized” over to the new machine, so not sure the old one will open. I will give it a try. I have all the old backups though (using the same account login info).

May have to restore from backup after all. Was hoping to avoid that since I have done a lot of database tweaking on the new machine (merging artists, assigning artwork, and the like). But the playlists are the weak link. They simply cannot be recreated from scratch since I have done them over many years. Will just restore from backup and go from there. Thanks for your advice.

De-authorize the Core on your new machine and authorize the Core on your old machine.
When you’re done, reverse process.

For this instance, you don’t need to backup the Core library first, but to be safe one should always backup the Core library before you mess with changing Core machines.

People switch Cores back and forth between machines all the time.

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Thanks. This method worked great, despite being a little convoluted! Still, it came over. The one problem is that, for some reason, the songs get exported in alphabetical order, not the order of the playlist.

Any idea how to stop this? Some of my playlists have 100’s of songs. :frowning:

Nope, maybe someone else will chime in.