Copy SACD to hard drive?

I would like to copy my SACDs to the external hard drive that contains my music. Is this possible with a blue-ray player, connected to the computer? If so, how do I go about it (using a HDMI cable, I suppose ?)? If not, what would be the best solution? Thank you for your help.


@garym Thank you so much.

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Best thread on this out there:


@Speed_Racer thanks

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I just dived into this, having had a small pile of SACDs staring at me for several years.

The PSAudio guide is pretty well bang on the money.

50 quid for an appropriate Sony bluray player on ebay, downloaded the sacd extract program and GUI, installed Java, set up an old USB stick, and within minutes of powering up the bluray player dsf files were streaming off the disk into my PC.

A quick brush up of the files in the tag editor, copied into the Roon library, and played straight away.

I am hooked.

Hey. Thanks for the comment. Since my first question (a year ago, right?) I’ve tried to do the manipulation. But I’m as smart as a monkey in front of a mayonnaise whisk, so I gave up. And then Roon and Qobuz now offer Hi-Res formats which are fine for me.

Good listening.

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