Copying from an existing Roon Core to another existing Roon Core

I have an interesting problem and hoping someone can provide some guidance. Currently I have two Roon Cores using the same account – I deactivate one to use the other.

Setup 1 – Roon Core running on Small Green Computer’s sonicTransporter i5 (no storage)
Setup 2 – Recently purchased Innuos Zenith MK3 – also configured as Roon Core

So the problem is that I have music (albums, playlists) in both cores. What I want to do is to ‘merge’ my music from setup 1 into setup 2, such that I keep what I already have in setup 2 and simply add setup 1 files to it, but without losing anything that already exists in setup 2. In other words, I want to do a ‘merge’, not ‘replace’ from setup 1 to setup 2.

I have already backed up data (using Innuos software, not Roon) from setup 2 to a USB drive. The goal is to sell the sonicTransporter since I don’t need two Roon cores.I would really appreciate it if someone can provide instructions on how to go about doing this.

Merging is not a current feature.

Only way I know would be to copy all your local files onto a HDD or similar .
Then add them to the new core.

Anything under streaming service should already exist on both cores.
Unless you used different streaming accounts which would be doubtful.

Not really what you were looking for but it’s a workaround I think.

You say the transporter has no storage where does the music live? on your network?
Can set-up 2 see that location? If so, just point set-up 2 Roon (settings/storage) to the network location and it will add the files in that location to set-up 2.

Better, would be like @AceRimmer says, copy/move the files from set-up one onto the storage on the Innusos, if there is enough room that is.

You can export playlists from setup 1 and import them into setup 2 for the most part (use m3u option), there may be some you will not be able to due to where the music comes from (tidal or spotify).

Appreciate the help, I was actually able to find another workaround using Soundiiz. I exported the playlists from Roon in Soundiiz CSV format. Then from Soundiiz, I imported into Qobuz and the playlists all show up in Roon now. Except for a few songs, I was able to get all my playlists transferred. It took about 20 minutes to export/import all my playlists. I wish I knew about the Roon Export/Import functionality before. But either way, I was able to transfer everything barring a few songs. Thank you for your help.