Core on a different PC

Currently my core is also on the same device that I listen through, but I keep on seeing that having your core on a different device improves sound quality. Why is this? Are people just referring to the sound the device makes? I have yet to find a clear answer and remain pretty confused, I appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

This KB article gives some pointers, I think.

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Hello @Davis_Morley,

As @Geoff_Coupe mentioned, that KB article will be a good place to look at specifics.

The popular reason why people split their Roon Core and have a dedicated device just for Roon is to ensure that the processing power for that specific machine is dedicated solely towards Roon and not other applications, especially if you have enabled some processing intensive Roon features such as the DSP Engine this will be useful.

Using the Core with an Ethernet connection is also a popular reason as the device can then be left near the router and controlled by a Roon Remote. Hope this explanation helps.


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