Core on new Asus laptop

I’ve been without Roon whilst preparing for moving from the UK to Madeira. Next week my core will be going on a new Asus Zenbook Flip 14 UX463FL, Windows 10 Home, Intel i7 10th gen, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GEForce MX250 Graphics Card with 2GB VRAM, 1TB M2 SSD . This spec is fixed so there’s no upgrading.

I just wondered if anyone had any insights on anything I should do to assist performance or comments about whether this machine will have the capacity to be adventurous with upsampling or DSD conversion etc.
I do have my ripped CDs on an external SSD but actually the would fit on the internal drive on this.

In the end, it is what it is, but it will be useful if anyone has any experience. I was previously running ROCK on a NUC 5i5.

Um, it should kick butt (a better, but cruder expression is more apt). An Intel i7 will be able to do virtually anything you’d like it to do, CPU-wise. Since Roon Database is best on an SSD and the whole drive is SSD, you’re good to go there. Presumably it also runs OpenGL, which is necessary for Roon.
I don’t see any reason to move your ripped library from the external SSD. That will perform fine plugged into your computer.
My guess is you’ll be happy as a clam with this setup! Just keep in mind that having a core connected via ethernet is really important. Some newer laptops don’t have an ethernet port so you’d need a USB to ethernet adapter.


Thanks. Yes I do have a USB C to Ethernet adapter. This Asus has the new fast ax wifi, but I don’t think the router we will have does that anyway.