Core on OSX (Mac Mini) - running other programmes?

I’ve just reinstalled my 2011 Mac Mini with a 250gb SSD so a completely fresh install. I was planning on moving the core to it & allowing it to run all the time. I was considering installing VirtualBox with Windows on it but wasn’t sure whether it’s better just to leave it as the core with nothing else running? it would mainly be used for Meridian software to make changes & amendments. So it wouldn’t be running all that much

I can use a laptop for VirtualBox & making changes but figured it might be neater & easier to have it wired all the time rather than having to plug stuff in etc. Very lazy…!!



Well will depend on what your core was befor and how big your library is and how much dsp functions you are using. The 2011 model macmini is under minimum spec

My mid 2010 (SSD installed) runs absolutely fine. I’m not doing too much processing but it’s as snappy as you like! Only 2000 albums though.

It’s a 2.5Ghz i5 processor with 16gb ram, it’s only got the 250gb SSD. Music is stored on a Synology DS413 (it has about 800gb of music - probably 25k tracks) but was considering another drive for inside the Mac Mini. I have also been considering a NUC but decided to play with the Mac Mini first.

Currently using a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina with a 256gb SSD in it.

I wasn’t sure whether having other stuff installed would make much difference, as it’s lower spec than recommended. Just figured it’d be handy… maybe I should just get a NUC sooner and forget the Mac Mini! Then it can be free to do other stuff

I’m using flacs, not doing anything with dsd or mqa at the moment

@Nick_Shiroi Then you should be ok…if it starts getting sluggish then look to upgrade but sounds like you won’t be pushing too hard unless you need the dsp options like upsampling to high rate dsd or convolution etc

If you have the machine already then it costs you nothing to try anyway just backup your database (you do that already right?) and restore onto the mini - suggest you just run as roon server install if headless is your plan - then the new install can move the lic over when you login with your account details.

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