Core updated to 1.7, Mac remote still on 1.6 [Resolved - 1.7 on Mac is now available]

Remotes still running 1.6 won’t be able to connect to an updated core running 1.7.

Android update? Or is 1.7 some sort of beta/early release?

No more music here, too. It’s not gone through the Apple iOS Appstore, ok, but that also the Mac client is not available is a very bad timing. The release note sounds fantastic and it’s a real bummer that you then can’t even hear ANY music afterwards…
I just hope tomorrow all will be good.


The 1.7 client update was available for Windows and installed successfully. The Mac update is still unavailable. Looking forward to exploring the new features!


Thanks for the warning. I’ll wait until I can also update my iOS devices before updating.

Didn’t this also happen with 1.6?

Same problem here.

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Hi everyone, please see my post here:



Is the current Apple iOS client for Roon 1.6 able to control Roon 1.7 cores?

Hello @Speed_Racer,

No, you will need to update your remote to control a 1.7 core. The iOS Roon Remote update has been approved by Apple and should be rolling out on the App Store as we speak.



Android status?

Thanks, @john! It must be hellacious trying to coordinate Core and Control releases when both need to be updated to work…

Can’t see the update on mac. Downloaded installer and that’s still at 1.6

You only need to go to setting and about to trigger it if it’s ready. Most of the time the update prompt just comes up to update all. Shouldn’t have to redownload from site.

It’s not ready for Mac quiet yet.

It’s ready for the Mac.

The update should now be available on Mac — Please give it a try and if you have any issues please let us know in a new #support thread.


At least we know that we have to wait.Next time I suggest 1st populating all the download resources, test that they working and then make public the new release.This is not a free software.Paying customers need a little bit more consideration.I suppose all users need.

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Yes, I got it, thx.

Looks like the support issue I just posted. Had not seen this while I was submitting mine.

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