Correct Driver for Chord DAVE DAC

I had been using Roon for a while together with the Chord DAVE DAC.

I didn’t fiddle with the configuration once set up and from Room, I can see 2 Audio Device (ASIO 1.05 and Async).

I had been using the ASIO driver all along but had been encountering problem with the frequency sync up some time.

My friend recommend me to try using the Async driver. So I go to the Chord website to download and remove the old one. Surprisingly enough, I found that the “new” download does not include any ASIO. So after much searching, I downloaded the Chord Hugo ASIO 1.03 driver but it doesn’t work. It now just shows in that setting page and it annoys me a lot. May I ask how I can remove that audio connection?

Also, any Chord Dave user had any insights why there is no ASIO driver now?

Finally, I saw that Chord Dave is now Roon Ready. I am using an Intel NUC as a headless Room Server and connect the Dave with USB. Any new things I can do with the Roon Ready?

Thanks a lot.

Well, if DAVE is Roon Ready, then it would just show up under Networked in the audio settings, no driver necessary.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply and I see what you mean. However, there is no Dave under network (Dave is connected to Roon Server by USB); anything wrong? Or how can I get the Roon “see” the Dave?

William, I think there might be some confusion. After you last post, I went to the Chord website and did not see any mention of DAVE being Roon Ready only the CHORD Network Players. Which makes sense because when I looked at DAVE’s interface panel, there is no network interface there. Roon Ready means that the device is network attached, that is why it would show up in the Networked section.

So, since you are plugging your DAVE in via USB, you will need to use drivers. From your original question, it seems that CHORD support directly would have the answers you need.

Finally, Roon displays all the drivers that are installed in Windows. Uninstall the driver from Windows and it will not show in Roon.

Thanks Daniel.

It does make sense but very strange on Chord web that all streamers are not Roon Ready but the DACs are, is that a lie?

I haven’t found on their site where it states that CHORD DAVE is Roon Ready…
I did find this:

Chord Network Players Roon Ready

Which means that their network streamers are Roon Ready not their DAC’s which was mention on the previous post by @Rugby

If you look at the right panel in the Dave Product page it states “Roon Ready” below the “What HiFi Award”.

Strange, maybe it should be “Roon Tested” but I cannot find any Chord product on the Roon list of partners…

I thought atleast the Chord Poly was Roon Ready.

Maybe @danny can help with the Chord and Roon partner situation?

I Think the different Chord drivers are “mutually” exclusive i.e. if you install Mojo/Hugo this will kill the Dave driver. I suggest you remove all Chord drivers and then install the Dave-driver.

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AH! I had to disable my adblocker for what ever reason I couldnt see that column.
I see it now.