Correct syntax to add NAS storage to Roon

Hello I’m a total newbie when it comes to NAS/Networking. I recently purchased and got up and running a Roon Rock on a Nuc8i7BEH, actually quite easy. I have several terabytes of music on a Synology DS718+ and I want to the NAS as a storage source. I know where the tab is located to add the location of drive and share, but I need a more basic question answered.

Where do I find out what my NAS drive is called and what is the correct syntax to add in the storage tab? I can see the drive using Synology Quickconnect and can see the location of the music folder as:


but what do I put in front of that to get Roon to see the music?

Thanks in advance.

@Richard_Lim Synology NAS volumes store files in Shared Folders. If you find the name of your Shared Folder (mine is “RoonMedia”), then you can direct Roon to add smb://[NAS Name]/[Media Files].

Thank you I tried that but it didn’t work, I’ll try again, maybe I have name of NAS wrong (eg: DS718+)

you could use the IP address of the NAS instead of the Name, if that is easier for you to find out.

I do have the ip address, but what is the syntax? Is it the same smb:// [IP address]/music or is it different?

An example -

Thank you everyone! I will try this PM and report back!

Thanks folks! Got it working, I was doing it right but had the name of server wrong it should have been spelled out “DS718plus” and not “DS718+”.