Corrupt Files and my work round

So, looking through Roon I found files deemed to be corrupt, although the play outside of Roon. These are MP3 files generally (Radio Drama) recorded from DAB Radio.
Playing around I found I could play them from my files via a laptop on the QNAP file station and I can also down load them to the laptop.
Then I copied them into Audacity and converted them into Og Vorbis and then re loaded them into Roon via the laptop.
This time they play perfectly with no other manipulation.

The things you do when trying to avoid doing accounts is amazing…


I think I’ve been there too… although I think I rendered to flac to avoid another lossy compression. I don’t remember what I should have been doing though.

I don’t suppose Roon was helpful enough to tell on what it didn’t like?

Nope, it just says files are corrupt. They play and sound great now, I list them as DAB Radio Grabs. I’m not sure this is worth the man hours chasing it down as it is an outside case for sure.

We all have our procrastination tools! I just changed out all the fans in my server.