Corrupt Files need to be deleted

i have a large number of files labeled as corrupt in my Roon database. most if not all came from conversion from WMA to Flac with an inferior software. i’ve decided these CDs need to be ripped again. once i have “focused” on these corrupt files, is there a method by their names can be downloaded so I can delete the entire batch before ripping again?

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Thanks Andrew. I should have been more clear. I understand the procedure of how to delete. I’m looking for a way to document what has been deleted so I can use it to go through my actual CDs and pull up the ones I need to re copy. There are 1400 corrupt CDs.

Focus/Corrupt/Select All/Export to Excel

PS: Care to reveal the inferior software, so we can avoid it?

Lol. Prefer not to reveal. I could be wrong. It could be the drive in my 2011 MacBook Pro.

Btw…as a consequence I did begin to use dbpoweramp which is very good.