Corrupt music index/metadata/coverart

Hey folks, George here from Loud & Clear Glasgow.

Recently installed a DCS Rossini based system and Roon running on QNAP for a client. Sounds and works wonderfully!


The index, artwork or metadata seems to have corrupted or confused somehow. Coverart is displaying, but incorrectly - Elvis is showing up erroneously on a Van Morrison album, for example.

There are other anomalies too hence I’d like to “nuke” the database and have it rebuild completely. What’s the easy way of achieving this please? I’ll be dialling into the client’s network remotely via TeamViewer and will have web access to the QNAP config and to the NAS filestructure vis Windows or SSH if needed.

Many thanks in advance! Season’s greetings to all.


Hi George,

I’ve encountered this before and was able to resolve without having to nuke the database on the Core.

First off, go to settings -> Setup on the remote and tap on “Clear Cache.” (this may or may not work)

If not, then…

If the remote is an iPad/iPhone then delete and re-install the app.

If the remote is a Mac then close Roon, navigate to the user’s Library directory in his home folder (from the Finder open the “Go” menu, hold down the option key, then select Library). From there navigate to the Roon folder and remove the Cache folder. (If this is a remote only then you can remove the entire Roon folder as well). Re-start the remote and try it out.

If the remote is Windows then the same applies, but you’ll be going to AppData\Local\Roon under the user’s directory. In the case of Windows if you blow away the entire Roon directory then you’ll need to re-install Roon on that machine.

Try the above before doing anything with the Core.

Legendary, many thanks indeed Andrew! I shall give this a go and only remove/reinstall the Core application from the QNAP if this fails. Fortunately the Core app is loaded onto a SSD and the music itself is on a spinning disc, so hacking one without ruining the other should be reasonably straightforward!

Best regards from a cold and wet Glasgow :slight_smile: