Could Music Streaming Costs Be Going Up?

Just saw this article on the CNN Business web site that says that the Warner Music Group thinks that streaming music prices will be going up. Have to keep in mind they announced an IPO yesterday and said that “streaming was the largest source of our recorded music revenue.”.

The title of the article does not mention Warner by name but instead says Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music could be hiking their prices soon. Presumably an attempt to get more views.

The article lists the following paid subscriber counts:

Spotify 124 million up 30% over last year
Amazon Music 55 million up 50% year over year
Apple Music 60 million last year

That’s almost a quarter of a billion paid subscribers not counting the 100 million or so subscribers that use Spotify’s free ad supported offering. Difficult to see Qobuz and Tidal ever catching up.


The acid test will be to see how many are subscribing to Amazons lossless offerings? Growth there will be indicative of the future of Tidal and Qobuz.

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