Could not connect to HQplayer ... Does not play my PS Audio

After starting and selecting my PS audio I get the error message “Transport: could not connect to HQplayer”
I have tried the following:

  1. Reboot my minimac where I m playing roon core from
  2. Remove the HQplayer => could not find PSAudio anymore
  3. Move Roon to trash and reinstalled it on minimac
  4. Readded the HQplayer => could find the PS audio again … but still same error message.

Still getting these erroe message and does not play !!

Anybody knows what I should do?

Best regards,

Hey @philip_van_vreckhem – just to clarify, are you setting up HQPlayer or PS Audio? Or both?

If you’re setting up a PS Audio device, you should automatically see the device in the Audio tab of Settings, and then just press Enable.

If you’re not seeing the device there, you can find some troubleshooting info here, and you can find some general information about setting up audio devices here.

If you’re setting up HQPlayer, you can find information about that here.

In any event, more information about what you’re setting up and how everything is connected would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

I have always been using PS audio. Connected automatically. Only since this weekend I get following message after selecting the PS audio as the source.
Ref see picture attached.
Set up: core running on Minimac and with intermet cable connected to PS audiop.


Hello @philip_van_vreckhem,

In the Settings > Audio screen in Roon, make sure you have enabled the “PS Audio Directstream” device that is under the “Roon Ready” heading. If you see any zones under the “HQPlayer” heading, click the three dots next to the text box and then tap disable.


Hi John,

I see the PS Audio under the HQplayer

Is active … but still get the same message



Hello @philip_van_vreckhem,

  1. Check that your MacOS firewall is set up correctly. If you have a properly set up router, you should not need to have the MacOS application firewall enabled on your Mac and we recommend that you leave it disabled. If you would prefer to keep it enabled, please add Roon and HQPlayer as exceptions in the firewall settings. I’ve included a link to the Apple support site on how to do this.
  1. Can you check and make sure that your PS Audio Bridge II firmware is up to date? I will include a link with instructions on how to do this. If you are unable to get the firmware updated, I would reach out to PS Audio support as this may indicate an issue with the Bridge II expansion card.