Could this HAT also be officially supported

I was wondering if this HAT could also be supported to most possible of its abilities. The ALSA Linux environment is still wondersome to me so whilst I know that ALSA supports native DSD for at least USB based controllers I’m still unsure what is limiting with GPIO. Maybe it’s simply not feasible…

I sent feedback in Ropiee : e771ef4ed618f49a


Would it not be helpful to know which HAT?? :wink:


Super sorry about this, just couldn’t resist.


In a poster of hats, why do most of the labels have the redundant hat after the name but not all of them. I find that strangely annoying.:grinning:

I can give you that answer…


Apparently a series of questions marks is unclear according to the nitwit that coded the rules engine.

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The names of hats with the word hat in their name, need the word hat as the first part of their name has a meaning of their own and need the descriptor word to infer the first word is a name of said item of head dress.

Bowler - cricket
Cowboy - western
Boater - sailor

LOL, not to further derail, but how many of the hats pictures do you own a version of?
I have seven of the pictured hat types. :slight_smile:

And yes, as @Dr_Klaus_Schmitt said, @ed_ed , what RPi HAT are you referring to as it is not in your post as far as I can tell? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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And I have a hard one…

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Apologies @ed_ed

Oh yeah, I have one of these, too.

OK, I will stop now… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m thinking its related to one of these


Ok, I was slow on getting this :man_facepalming:


Apologies to the OP, please let us know the HAT you are referring to and the community will surely help.

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@admin Could you please clean up here, it’s annoying…cheez what a “kindergarden” :wink:

So, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat…

The OP is talking to @spockfish about Ropieee and it seems he has sent the necessary info.

… but it could be useful to others knowing something more about this “secret” hat … that’s what forums are made for …

Yeah, a PM would have worked just as well.