Could / Would Roon enable the selling of music?

Consider this a feature request but I’d also be very be interested in previous conversations the Roon team has had regarding this.

If Roon sold music directly from Qobuz I’d certainly use that service. I’d expect it’d be a “buy album” or some other button right on the page and the files would land directly into my library of choice. I’d buy a lot more music for sure (which supports artists more than just a listen).

The process of buying files and loading into Roon is less optimal than the above. However my interest is, and my real reason for writing, this a space Roon wants to enter? Being as this could, potentially, open or limit future partnering of services. For example, I’d expect Amazon HD having a greater interest in partnering if there was a sales channel included. But I also see platforms, like Spotify, being less interested because they have no competing product. Again, just examples.

Another avenue is an API for Qobuz to push music into my library after purchase. This removes Roon from the integration onto the Roon platform and allows sellers, any seller, to integrate on their own. Maybe this makes more sense as part of the “mobile” Roon. For security reasons though, I’d expect Qobuz could “trigger” a notification that music was waiting and I would “accept” Roon go get it.

Anyway, interested in your thoughts. Had this idea while buying some stuff before the Gimme Shelter campaign expires.

A simple button/link/whatever that will put the selected album(s) directly in your Qobuz shopping cart will also do just fine!